This course is an overview of the updated CACFP Infant Meal Pattern.  Participants will learn about the updated CACFP Infant Meal Pattern requirements.  1 hour

This course is an overview of the updated CACFP Child & Adult Meal Patterns.  Participants will learn about the updated CACFP Child & Adult Meal Pattern requirements.  2 hours.

This training provides an overview of the CACFP infant meal pattern requirements and how the infant meal pattern supports the growth and development of babies during their first year. The course also communicates best practices for feeding infants with a focus on topics such as developmental readiness, hunger and fullness cues, handling and storing breastmilk and infant formula, solid foods, and much more! - 3 Hours

At-Risk Afterschool Meals is a component of the Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) which offers Federal funding to afterschool programs that serve a meal or snack to children in eligible lower income areas. At-Risk Afterschool Meals provide a much-needed service to their communities.  They give children a safe place to go after school and nutritious food that gives them the energy they need to concentrate on homework and join their friends in physical educational, and social activities. Take this class to learn more about becoming an At-Risk Afterschool Meals sponsor today! 1 hour