Course Description:  This recertification provides a refresher on the importance of good data entry to ensure KIDS reporting is effective and accurate.

Who should attend:  Staff who do data entry in vendor systems.

Course Description: This re-certification reviews the KIDS submission process and data elements, how KIDS data is used by the State and Federal governments, and how it impacts your school and district funding. This course encourages culture of quality data through accurate data entry and focus on enabling you to help create a culture of data quality through effective data auditing and submission practices.

Target Audience: This track is designed for staff members who organize and submit the batch files to KIDS or for staff members who assist in entering KIDS data into their district or school's Student Information System (SIS). Including Technology Coordinators, KIDS Coordinators, Office Managers, School Secretaries/Administrative Assistants, SIS Administrators, Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, or other school support employees or any school support employee who works directly with the KIDS Collection System.

Course Description: The Administrator re-certification is an overview of how KIDS data impacts schools and/or districts. Participants review the KIDS submission process, changes for the current year and how the data flows from the schools and districts to the State.  We may review resources that are available to help you resolve questions and/or problems that you may encounter when working with and/or auditing the data in the KIDS reports.

Target Audience:  This track is designed for principals or superintendents who are responsible for signing off on student data and/or who are responsible for submitting any of the following reports: SO66, PBR, Dropout/Graduation Summary Report, KIAS, etc. Principals and superintendents who participate in this track may or may not submit batch files to the KIDS Collection System.