This DQC track is designed to help school and district administrators develop a better understanding of how KIDS data impacts their schools and/or districts.  At the same time, it teaches staff responsible for student data management about appropriate data management. Staff learns how data submitted to KSDE is used by the State and Federal governments, and how it impacts your school and district funding. The course offers insights on creating a culture of quality data through accurate data entry and submission, auditing, and data handling practices. Participants work with experienced trainers and district staff from across the State. This course features a hands-on, practical approach to learning more about KSDE data systems and includes a practical approach to learning more about the KIDS data submission process and KSDE student data reports.

Who should attend?  This track is designed for any staff who are responsible for collecting, reporting or signing off on student data and/or who are responsible for submitting any of the following reports: SO66, PBR, Dropout/Graduation Summary Report, KIAS, etc. Principals and superintendents who participate in this track may or may not submit batch files to the KIDS Collection System, data entry/coordinators submit data, other staff may collect or review data. All staff have a role in data quality and should attend.

This course requires an enrollment key. Your enrollment key is your district number if you work for a public school (101, 245, etc). If you work for a private school, your key will be your organization identifier (Z0012). If you work for a PRTF or special purpose school, your key is SPS.