The 2021-2022 SNP Online Applications Webinar will inform participants about the 2021-2022 online application requirements and the new Kansas Free and Reduced Meals Online Application. (1.5 Hours)

Hear from the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut regarding recent research highlighting the progress Kansas Schools are making in wellness policy implementation, learn about the newly revised Kansas School Wellness Policy Model Guidelines and the just released Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025. (2 Hours)

Nutrition is a key environmental component that can impact the growth and development of the brain and ultimately impact the learning success of students. This training provides information about the development, structures and the cognitive functions of the brain, while highlighting nutrition’s impact on cognition and academic achievement. Participants will also explore best practices on how to optimize child nutrition status to improve brain function, leading to successful academic performance. (2 Hours)

Classrooms are a great place to promote lifelong healthy habits, such as being physically active. This training provides information on the importance and benefits of incorporating brain breaks in the classroom and provides examples, tools and resources that will assist schools with developing and implementing brain breaks. (2 Hours)

Participants completing Implementing HACCP in Kansas will learn the requirements associated with implementation of a HACCP Food Safety System, learn the Process Approach to HACCP, begin to develop a HACCP Food Safety Plan for a site, know where to access KSDE HACCP resources, and hear strategies to support a culture of food safety. Implementing HACCP in Kansas is a requirement for the Kansas Certificate in Child Nutrition Management. 6 Hours

Study all relevant aspects of food safety in child nutrition programs. This class meets USDA Professional Standards requirements for 8 hours of food safety training for Directors; KSDE’s food safety training requirement for any school staff and has been approved to meet the School Nutrition Association’s (SNA’s) requirements for certification.  8 hours

In four lessons, participants will learn about their role in creating a healthier school environment. Specifically the importance of improving school wellness, how to implement local school wellness policies, creating a team to be a school wellness star and learn best practices of districts with policies in place at the modeling level of the Kansas School Wellness Policy Model Guidelines! 3 Hours