Understand foodborne illness and its causes, the importance of handwashing and personal hygiene, the four aspects of food safety: clean, separate, cook, and chill, and food handling procedures to prevent the transfer of allergens. This class meets KSDE’s minimum food safety training requirement for staff who are not school nutrition program directors. Food Safety Basics class in Spanish is a recorded version of a live virtual session held in September 2020.

To receive a certificate of completion, employees must view the recording under the oversight of their supervisor.

Responsibility of the supervisor:

Before showing the video…

  • Appoint someone in a supervisory position to be present (or nearby) to ensure that the video is watched in its entirety.
After showing the video…
  • Complete the “Request for KSDE Food Safety Training Credit for Spanish-Speaking Employees.”
  • Scan and email the completed form to CNW@ksde.org.