The purpose of this track is to teach staff responsible for student data management about appropriate data management. Staff learn how data submitted to KSDE is used by the State and Federal governments, and how it impacts your school and district funding. The course offer insights on creating a culture of quality data through accurate data entry and submission, auditing, and data handling practices. Participants work with experienced trainers and district staff from across the State. This track features a hands-on, practical approach to learning more about KSDE data systems and includes a practical approach to learning more about the KIDS data submission process and KSDE student data reports.

Who should attend? This track is designed for school and district staff who handle student data for submission to KSDE, enter student data into a local Student Information System (SIS) or submit data to KSDE through the KIDS system. This may include Technology Coordinators, KIDS Data Coordinators, Office Managers, Board or School Secretaries/Administrative Assistants, SIS Administrators, Program staff or other school support employees who works directly or indirectly with the KIDS Collection System.